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Q&A on Sponsoring a Seminar

Q. What does it mean to "sponsor" an open-enrollment seminar?

A. In many cases "member organizations" wish to offer training as a value-added service to their members - for example, associations, distributors, and franchisers. By sponsoring an open enrollment seminar you can bring one or more of our cutting-edge training programs to your area, as a value-added service to your members - perhaps with little or no cost to your organization, or even a way to generate revenue.

Q. What are the benefits in sponsoring an open-enrollment seminar?

A. Here are some important benefits:

Q. What are the commitments and responsibilities?

A. The seminar should be scheduled by the hosting organization with sufficient lead time to obtain a quorum for the class. The hosting organization will provide the facility for the course and actively promote the seminar to its members, clients, or the industry group it supports. We will conduct the training course, assist in providing promotional material,  and if applicable, assist in promoting the course through our channels. The registration process can be handled either by your organization or by us.

Q. How do we get started?

A. Getting started is fast and easy. Simply call or send us an e-mail and tell us the name of the training program or event you are interested in hosting and also the preferred location and date. Depending on the location and lead time, an open-enrollment course may be hosted with as few as 6 participants from the hosting organization. We will do our part to make the process simple, easy, and profitable for your organization ... a win-win-win opportunity for all.

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Other Training Options

Public Courses

From time to time a training course is made available to the public on an open-enrollment basis. The minimum and maximum size of each class will vary depending on the course, the location, the target audience, and economic factors. Public courses are often the delivery method of choice for individuals or for organizations that wish to register only a few participants. If you are interested in a certain course and it is not currently being offered on an open-enrollment basis, contact us and we will let you know where and when the course will be scheduled.

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On-Site Training

For organizations that have five or more individuals who are interested in a certain training course, the on-site option is often the most cost-effective alternative. In this case the instructor (or instructors) would come to the client's location and conduct the seminar at a facility that is provided by the client. This option offers several possible benefits: 1) customization of the content and/or course structure, 2) closed sessions so that company-specific issues can be discussed candidly, 3) elimination of out-of-town travel time and travel costs for the participants. As an added benefit a course can be scheduled on-demand, rather than waiting for it to be offered in an open-enrollment format.

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Private Coaching

This consists of one-on-one coaching with an individual contributor, manager, or executive and one of our subject matter experts. There is considerable latitude in the issues that may be discussed, but the initial focus will often deal with one or more topics related to a particular seminar. Private coaching may be conducted over the phone or by a face-to-face meeting, either at our facility in Plano, TX or at the client's facility. It may consist of a single advisory session to address a personal development need or work-related problem, or it may consist of multiple sessions to deal with a complex set of issues.

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Semi-Private Coaching

This is essentially a small-group training session for no more than four individuals. Depending on the arrangements made in advance, the individuals may be part of a work team from the same company or organization or they may come from two or more non-competing organizations. Semi-private coaching is typically conducted face-to-face, either at our facility in Plano, TX or at a client-provided facility.

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Executive Briefings

These are 1 to 3 hour briefings for a single executive or senior management team. An executive briefing typically consists of a high-level overview related to a certain training program, but with additional details on 1) the benefits and costs of the program to the organization, 2) the executives' role in supporting the roll-out of the program, 3) the challenges involved, if any, and 4) how to gauge improvements resulting from the training.

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