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Speeches by
Lon Roberts

If you are looking for an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking presentation on leadership for an upcoming event, check out these presentations by Lon Roberts.

Leading Accelerated Projects
It takes more than "lean thinking" and thinking-outside-the-box to make fast-track project a reality. In this presentation Lon addresses the opportunities and challenges of such projects, emphasizing the contribution of project leaders to making accelerated projects a reality.  He also challenges the participants to examine sacrosanct practices and beliefs that may actually hinder the delivery of projects on a compressed timeline.  This is a must-hear presentation if rapid results are vital to your organization!

Leading Between the Bars: The Art of Managing Messy Projects
This presentation challenges leaders to examine and reframe their outlook on the way projects are planned and executed given the fact that contemporary projects involve complex human factors.  Such projects—aptly labeled as “messes”—involve interactions that cannot be isolated by root-cause analysis or controlled with conventional project management methods.  And, as Lon points out, they are the new normal.  Lon also elaborates on a set of tenets for those who are interested in creating an environment that embraces and exploits the dynamics of messy projects.

Lessons in Leadership and Life from Winston Churchill
Over his long and illustrious career, Winston Churchill continually honed his leadership skills—and he put those skills to good use in leading his country to victory in World War II.  He remains one of the most examined and written about leaders from the modern era.  In this engaging presentation, Lon will share valuable insights on Churchill’s leadership style—insights that are essential to anyone who aspires to be a leader.  Lon will also share anecdotes that reveal Churchill’s wit and intellect, including some of the personal challenges he had to face and overcome.

Leadership and the Art of Storytelling
Many effective leaders have discovered the power of storytelling to help them communicate a vision, challenge their followers, and even shape the culture of their organization. They also know that a timely, well-chosen narrative can bypass the brain’s “critical filters” and speak directly to the heart.  In this presentation, Lon will provide examples of stories and metaphors that leaders have used effectively in various contexts and situations.  He will also guide the participants in an exercise that will allow them to hone their personal skills in storytelling.

Other Presentations by Lon Roberts

Malice in Numberland
Lon offers convincing evidence that the abuse and misuse of statistics is on the rise.  Learn how, why, and where this is happening; avoid being manipulated by purveyors of quantitative data and statistical razzle-dazzle.

The 30 Percent Principle
The 30 Percent Principle™ is a rapid-transformation process for taking your business to the next level—a level not possible with incremental strategies for improvement.  Learn how to put The 30 Percent Principle™ to work for your organization.

Mastering the Art of Multitasking
In this engaging presentation Lon shares insights—laced with humor—from recent research on multitasking, including suggestions on how to multitask sanely without suffering from task overload and a drain on your emotional energy and intellectual creativity.

SPC for Right-Brain Thinkers
Using SPC, both literally and metaphorically, Lon describes what left-brain, analytical-types can and must do to bridge the communications gap between themselves and the "right-brain" thinkers who are front-line providers of services to customers.

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